Speedy Tuesday - Wear Your Speedmaster On VELCRO® BrandNot long ago, Omega begun to upgrade this area and accessories you'd get together with your Speedmaster Professional. Within the huge watch box, you'd find a NATO strap, loupe, changing tool and.. a VELCRO® Brand strap signed 'SEB12100030-202'. However authentic rolex watches , should you have already got your Speedmaster, there are some options to invest in a VELCRO® Brand strap for ones watch. Let's take a peek.Speedmaster on VELCRO® BrandIt somewhat surprises me that only not many people around are wearing their Speedmaster on velcro straps. NATO straps - although a military background, see more at historical past lesson on NATO straps by our friends from GearPatrol - are more common on Speedmasters, as there is no real military history with one of these replica watches. People similar to the appearance of their Speedmaster on NATO I assume. Omega jumped in and commenced to provide their Moonwatch also by having an additional NATO strap and you can get them as accessory for many Omega replica watches today. These are not cheap, watches but quality wise I haven't come across better ones.Anyway, personally We are more for wearing the Speedmaster on VELCRO® Brand, as that creates some historical sense and yes it actually wears nice at the same time. The Gemini and Apollo astronauts wore their Speedmasters on VELCRO® Brand straps at the same time, as NASA required. NASA developed a VELCRO® Brand strap themselves, and gave it their internal product - or reference - number SEB12100030. You will discover them either -202 or -210.NASA's 296 page handbook of 'Pilot Operational Equipment for Manned Space Flight' says the subsequent about the strap with the Speedmaster Professional: "The -202 Watchband strap is made from Velcro pile fabric with sections of VELCRO® Brand hook fabric for adjustable fastening . Total length is 21.5 in. (54.6cm). The watchband is looped from the strap-pins of the Chronograph. This band is needed for wearing the chronograph when suited" . potty watch This manual is found on the NASA website, in case you want better information (check out section 8.4). The -210 version would be the short sort of this strap, measuring 11.5 in (29.2cm).Other NASA documents contain(ed) strict guidelines within the specification on the used materials, dimensions of the loops, placement of the internal reference number and serial number, fonts for use and so forth.Sure, an original specifications can make it a little long to wear with your wrist, but wearing your Speedmaster on VELCRO® Brand makes you feel a tad better on the list of Apollo astronauts for sure.VELCRO® BrandBesides the main OEM Omega strap (only offered as spare it appears), you should purchase these VELCRO® Brand straps from a couple of suppliers today. Many of them depend on the first blueprint (shown below) from NASA, others are pretty much a sophisticated interpretation in the original VELCRO® Brand 12100030 strap. Let's have a look at some these VELCRO® Brand straps.GasGasBones V207 and SPV3A year or so ago, I stumbled upon the web page of Carl Evans. This web site, also known as GasGasBones, was the primary showing us a decent VELCRO® Brand strap for your Speedmaster. It's their V207 you should be after, that you could find here. However, quantities are extremely limited (sold out currently). The least expensive version is the SPV3, for 14GBP. Possibly the most simple version, but close to the original. There is no stock currently available. Word is the shop will available again on April 14th, so stop dawdling!A SEB12100030 ReplicaThen there's the seb12100030 website that makes the VELCRO® Brand straps in line with the blueprint by NASA. These straps cost you 58 Euro for the long version. Gleam short version (same price). However, they seem to be both out of stock right now. A sophisticated VELCRO® Brand AlternativeNot entirely based on NASA specifications however a similar looking Velcro are these ones sold by StrapsbyFleur. Hand-made in Italy and obtainable in three different colors. The applied leather pieces look similar to the original model (although that wasn't leather), and enjoy the NASA product number and serial number on there. For sale in beige, brown and grey. Just click here to look. Price of this VELCRO® Brand strap is 39 Euro.As written above, Omega also has a VELCRO® Brand strap for Moonwatch which can be ordered being a 'spare part'. You need to look for product reference number O93800006.Once you discover about more suppliers of VELCRO® Brand strap, please drop us a line using this program . very happy to add them to this information. replica breitling watches chicago
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