HOROLOGICAL MACHINE N°7 AQUAPOD TITANIUM GREENBIOLUMINESCENCEIn 2017, the HM7 opened a brand new chapter inside the reputation the young Genevan brand. Its original design is back this year in the new mix of materials and shades.Coming over to you directly from the fertile imagination of Maximilian Büsser and the friends, the Horological Machine n°7 takes us to a dream-like world, like something outside of Jules Verne. This timepiece, referred to as HM7 Aquapod, featuring its organic design inspired using a jellyfish hood, really concerns life by having a concentric mechanism with a central tourbillon at the top. The complex architecture remains safe and secure by way of a case that may be just like complex, consisting of two sapphire glass spheres gathered by way of a titanium block. Like on many MB&F watches, any time elements are read in the original way . Here franck muller watches , the two main symmetric rings and also a coloured marker showing and also the hours and minutes. Two symmetrical crowns provide good the aesthetic design. Is employed to find yourself the watch, deep sea rolex another to put some time. The dial is encircled by way of a coloured bezel, which can be green in this unique of 50 pieces.The Aquapod will not actually reside on zooplankton or move using tentacles, but features a self-winding calibre. A titanium and platinum rotor composed of 12 excrescences, like the mandibles of the underwater animal, capture strength that is then redistributed vertically.Make sure you plunge the HM7 into darkness to admire a classic light show. The omnipresent green lume coating the numerals, hour markers along with the long segments from the rotor, and also the three AGT Ultra panels placed across the mechanism, help morph it into a captivating luminous creature watches . This timpiece is in home underneath the water with a case that's watertight to 50 metres, and is particularly attractive about the wrist in view air having a comfortable strap made from moulded rubber.Price: 108,000 CHF mb&f.comBy Dan Diaconu replica breitling watches chicago
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